Phraseology in translation

In this course (from today starts a new call every month) will learn what is and how to take on the wording, one of the unresolved matters in the studies of translation and interpretation; Since there are few schools that offer this matter being a very important component in the work of the translator.

We will work with the English and French as languages of departure (you can choose between doing exercises from one language or the other, or both) and the Spanish as a target language.

When we talk about wording, we mean a set of expressions own and secured in a language whose structure should not be changed even if we understand its meaning. We say that they are structures fixed the language because “sound all» some sayings, verbs that always accompany a same noun, saying we do not know very well their meaning but that, however, we know apply them in a given context. As a translator, in your task of linguistic-cultural mediator, this course you will be trained for the identification of phraseology units in texts, understanding of its meaning in general and its interpretation in the specific context of use; as well as the search for correspondences through the establishment of toxicological and textual correspondences.

Since dictionaries do not contain many of the expressions that you will face in a variety of texts, we will teach you the methods, techniques and strategies for finding equivalents or express its meaning in the case of not finding its equivalent Exactly.